Reaching Millions: Content Strategies That Work

Content Strategies To Achieve 1m Organic Monthly Reach

Taught by Jodi Monelle, CEO & Founder of LIVEKINDLY

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The Goal 

The goal of this course is to teach you proven strategies and tactics you can use to build 1m+ organic monthly reach for your content 

Who This Course Is For




Businesses Selling
Products & Services


Emerging Media

What you'll Learn

After Reaching Millions: Content Strategies That Work, you'll be able to identify and execute:

2 Major Content Creation Strategies to Draw the Broadest Possible Audience
Keyword Strategies To Give Your Content Maximum Organic Reach
5 Key Tactics to Drive Engagement and Follower Growth
3 Key Performance Tools Used to Achieve and Assess Reach
10 Monetization Strategies

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Inspiring People Towards Action: Setting Your Vision, Mission and Core Values

Audience Targeting For Maximum Social Impact

Content Creation Tactics to drive Maximum Movement Reach

Optimizing Content to Be Easily Found on Social Platforms & Search Engines

Key Engagement Tactics & Why They Matter So Much

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Free 1-hour Mini Class

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Inspiring People Towards Action: Mission Setting

Audience Targeting: Who will Help You Achieve Your Mission?

Content Creation Tactics to drive Maximum Movement Reach

Optimizing Content to Be Easily Found on Social Platforms & Search Engines

Key Engagement Tactics & Why Engagement Matters So Much

Taught by someone who's done it.

In just 4 years, Jodi and her team have achieved 39m+ in organic monthly reach for their sustainability-focused content, have been acquired by a Swiss vegan food products company, and most recently were part of the team that raised $335m to further grow LIVEKINDLY’s mission.

Jodi's Featured Articles

Read features on Forbes and Rolling Stone for Jodi's perspective on sustainability.

“An aggressive pivot toward sustainability is a survival tactic, not just for the planet, but for the future of your brand, too.”

Read the full article...


“The end goal here should not be to merely expand into the plant-based food industry. It must, instead, shift toward vegan alternatives, away from animal agriculture.”

Read the full article...

Course outline

This is an 8-hour course, broken down into four 2-hour segments:

Session 1

 Foundational Concepts & Audience Targeting

Setting Movement Foundations That Anchor Everything

Audience Types That Help You Drive Your Movement

3 Targeting Tactics to Reach the Audience That Drives Your Movement

Building an Ecosystem of Platforms to Maximize Reach

Key Checklists For Ensuring Your Content is Seen: Creative & Technical
Key Metrics That Indicate Your Movement Is Gaining Traction

Session 2

Content Creation & Optimizing To Be Found

5 Strategic Pillars For Content Creation

Creative Checklist: Deep Dive

Why Invest in Both Timely News & Evergreen Pieces

Technical Checklist - Deep Dive on Search-Optimizing Timely News Pieces

Cheap Tools for Content Creation & Publication

Keyword Strategies: A Deep Dive

Key Search Optimization Tactics in Creating Evergreen Pieces

Session 3

Maximizing Your Reach: Organically & Thru Paid Ads

What ‘Monthly Organic Reach’ Is

What Achieving Visibility Gets You: 6 Things

Getting Found Organically: 40 Point Checklist
Getting Found Through Paid Advertising: 3 Impactful Methods
Tools For Understanding Reach

Session 4

Engagement, Followers & Monetizing 

Why Engagement is More Important Than Number of Followers

3 Types of Engagement Social Algorithms Reward by Boosting Visibility

5 Top Engagement Tactics
What Actually Drives Followers: 3 Things

20 Monetization Tactics

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