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Angel Investing: 5 Things To Put You 5 Years Ahead

Learn how to invest directly into early stage companies or take equity for your consulting services.

Join us Tuesday, March 23rd @ 7pm EDT

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Angels 101

Learn how to invest directly into early stage companies or take equity for your consulting services.

Next class in session: March 29 - April 1, 2021 @ 6-8pm EDT

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Fundraising 101

Learn the language and mechanics of raising money to successfully secure your Seed and Series A rounds for only $50.

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Building Your Million Person Movement

Learn the strategies and tactics you can apply to achieve 1m+ monthly reach for your movement, purpose-driven brand, ecommerce or media company

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Class in session: May 24-27, 2021 @ 6-8pm EDT

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ClassRebel believes education is a peaceful protest against class inequality. Modern skillsets, delivered live, should be available to all, and affordable for all. We are on a big, spicy mission to deliver it to you!

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Fundraising 101

Navigate your VC rounds, while retaining maximum equity & control.
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Angel Investing 101

Learn how to invest directly into early stage companies you really believe in.
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Million Person Movement

Achieve 1m+ organically monthly reach for your movement or brand.
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Our courses have helped founders successfully prepare for their raises and secure funding, including raising up to $3m+ seed rounds from Silicon Valley firms.

Before launching Class Rebel, Brooke Harley founded a venture fund in 2014, raising $32m from 50 consumer industry founders, CEOs and executives for investment in early stage brands. She has evaluated hundreds of private investments.

Brooke Harley

Founder & CEO
Class Rebel

In just 4 years, Jodi and her team have achieved 26m+ in organic monthly reach for their plant-based content, have been acquired by a Swiss vegan food products company, and most recently were part of the team that raised $335m to further LIVEKINDLY’s mission.

Jodi Monelle

Founder & CEO

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