How to Raise Your Seed and Series A Rounds.

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Fundraising 101 will take you through both the deal mechanics and etiquette involved in raising a successful Seed and Series A round.

Brooke raised $32 million for her first venture capital fund, and learned what works and what doesn’t firsthand from making and viewing over 1,000 pitches. She is a former VC fund manager, lululemon executive and M&A Attorney.>

The Goal of Fundraising 101

The goal of Fundraising 101 is to get you so well-versed and comfortable with the language and mechanics of raising money, that  VCs will be surprised by the extent of your knowledge. When you are perceived as a sophisticated entrepreneur, you’ll be able to raise more money, on better terms, and go on to build something that matters to you.


Course Architecture

Fundraising 101 is a six-module course that teaches you how to successfully navigate and close your Seed and Series A rounds with angel investors and VC’s, while retaining as much equity and control in your startup as possible.

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After taking Fundraising 101

You Will Be Able To:

Find the right investors and get your foot in the door for a meeting.

Know what to include in your pitch deck, and how to ace the pitch.

Navigate a technical financial conversation with investors.

Know which terms of the deal to focus on to keep as much equity and control as you can.

Push the deal over the line to closing.



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Course Outline

session 1

THE Basics

What the basic pattern of early stage investing looks like: which investors are involved when, typical round sizes, and typical deal terms in each stage of the deal.
What major resources you can rely on beyond this course to help you raise money.
How to find investors that will be interested in your industry and your stage of development.
Tracking how much of the company you're keeping and giving away and who owns what.
Why you need a VC lawyer throughout your company’s fundraising rounds.

session 2

Alternatives to Traditional Fundraising

How to find business grants that don’t cost you equity.
How to launch product crowdfunding campaigns and pre-sales that don’t cost you equity.
How to launch equity crowdfunding campaigns.
The mindset and etiquette you should adopt when you are raising money from angels and VCs.
How to prepare your investor target list, pitch deck, 5 year forecast and data room ahead of your raise period.
Why it’s important to create competition among VCs.

session 3


The 2 main ways early stage deals come together.
The 7 key things you need to focus on to achieve ‘deal economics’ that are in your favor.
What a convertible note is, its key terms, and why it’s used in Seed Stage deals.
What a SAFE is, and its key terms.
How to use a Series A Pro Forma Cap Table to predict how much equity you are giving up in your seed round.

session 4

Series A Stage Fundraising

How to set up your Employee Stock Option Plan and how it works.
What Convertible Preferred Shares are and why they’re used during Series A rounds and beyond.
What a Liquidation Preference is and how it affects you when you sell your company.
How to set up your Board of Directors while giving up as little control as possible.
What levers of control VCs negotiate into the deal.

session 5

How VC Firms Work

How VCs raise money.
How VC firms are structured and how they grow.
Rules that govern how VCs can and can’t invest.
How to select investors.
Negotiation tactics.

session 6

Managing Investor Relationships & the Exit

Managing your investor relationships with care: best practices.
Investor relations best practices.
Types of Exit.
Stepping through an Acquisition of your Company.

Success Stories

Our courses have helped founders successfully prepare for their raises and secure funding, including raising up to $3m+ seed rounds from Silicon Valley firms.

Fundraising 101 is an absolute must for anyone who wants to raise money for their business. I can’t overstate the positive impact Class Rebel had on Casca’s fundraise strategy and how I look at venture capital."



I accredit the successful fundraising of LIVEKINDLY Media, Inc. to Brooke Harley. Honestly I cannot recommend this course more for anyone looking to get their startup funded – I know I’ll be taking a refresher in the new year."



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Learn How to Successfully Raise Your Seed & Series A Rounds

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