How to invest directly into early stage companies you really believe in or take equity for your consulting services.

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Angels 101 will take you through how to think about your industry-specific investment thesis, how to open the door with a founder to invest in their company, and how to navigate Seed and Series A investment conversations.

Before raising $32 million for her first venture capital fund, Brooke was an angel investor targeting purpose-driven companies she believed in. She is a former VC fund manager, lululemon executive and M&A Attorney.

The Goal of Angels 101

The goal of Angels 101 is that you become so versed and so comfortable with the language and mechanics of angel investing, that you can confidently approach any early stage founder whose company you really believe in, and secure yourself an investment which could change your life, no matter how small your cheque.


Course Architecture

Angels 101 is a six-module course that teaches you how to approach an early-stage founder whose company you believe in, and successfully navigate a Seed or Series A investment conversation. It also covers taking equity in an early stage company, as compensation for an advisor role.

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After taking Angels 101

You Will Be Able To:

Develop an industry-specific investment thesis.

Understand how convertible notes and SAFEs work.

Understand how convertible Series A Preferred Shares work.

Understand how equity in a Company’s option plan works.

Persuade a founder to let you invest in their early stage company you believe in.



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Course Outline

session 1

THE Basics

Course Purpose
Glossary of Key Concepts
Why Invest in Private Co.’s?
Angel Mindset
Sources of Private Deals
Venture Sequencing
Key Venture Players
Key Investment Resources

session 2

Investment thesis & deal sourcing

Quick Refresh: Session 1
Investment Thesis Development
Entrepreneur’s View: Raising $$
Deal Sourcing #1: Personal Search
Deal Sourcing #2: Crowdfunding
Intro: SAFEs, Notes, Convertible Preferred Shares

session 3

Due diligence & how VCS work

Quick Refresh: Session 2
Pitch Deck Evaluation
The Data Room
Business Diligence Checklist
Legal Diligence Checklist
How VC Firms Work
Strategic Investors: CVC’s & Industry Angel

session 4

Seed stage deals

Quick Refresh: Session 3
Convertible Debt: Key Terms & Conversion Mechanics
SAFEs: Key Terms & Mechanics
Advantages vs. Disadvantages: Equity, Convertible Debt, SAFEs
Series A Pro Forma Cap Table Calcs

session 5

Series a stage deals

Quick Refresh: Session 4
Convertible Preferred Shares: Key Terms – Economics
Convertible Preferred Shares: Key Terms – Control
Series A Pro Forma Calcs
Venture Debt: Key Terms

session 6

Investment monitoring & the exit

Quick Refresh: Session 5
Negotiating For Equity as an Employee or Consultant
Investment Monitoring & Support
Exit: Acquisitions & IPO

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