Who We Are

We are high energy, battle-tested experts who are passionate about sharing what we know to help other people. We believe this is meaningful work, that can change our society for the better.

What We Believe


Education ends in our 20’s, but we are living to 100. This cultural construct no longer serves us.


Learning & development throughout our entire lives is foundational to our happiness.


We all want to keep apace with the opportunity & change technology is bringing.


We believe relevant education should be accessibly priced for all.

Class Rebel Origins

leveling the playing field

While deploying capital from her first VC fund, CEO & Founder Brooke Harley noticed that, when compared to everyone else, entrepreneurs from elite U.S. colleges had a distinct educational and societal advantage in both raising money for their startups and accessing early stage investments.

In response, she put out Fundraising 101 and Angels 101 to help level the playing field, making this elite, lucrative financial education available to absolutely anyone that wants to learn.

Meet Brooke

Before launching Class Rebel, Brooke Harley founded Campfire Capital in 2014. She raised $32 million USD from 50 consumer industry founders, CEOs, and executives and she has evaluated hundreds of early stage companies in the consumer space.

Prior to Campfire Capital, Brooke worked as lululemon athletica’s Head of Business Development and International Operations, and prior to lululemon was an M&A attorney. Brooke’s investments and clients include Seed and Series A stage investments in companies with strong core values that inspire the world.


Brooke's Clients

LiveKindly is the world’s fastest growing vegan media company.
Vegan restaurant with a mission to reduce animal consumption.

Animal Friendly Wine. From the vine to the glass.

Brooke's Investments

Keep it Lite! Enlitening lives and spreading good vibes throughout the land, Native Shoes is a beast-free footwear company making shoes with love, not animals.
Cotopaxi’s purpose is to alleviate global poverty through financing opportunities in education, healthcare and livelihood for those people and communities most in need.

Success Stories

Our courses have helped founders successfully prepare for their raises and secure funding, including raising up to $3m+ seed rounds from Silicon Valley firms.

Fundraising 101 is an absolute must for anyone who wants to raise money for their business. I can’t overstate the positive impact Class Rebel had on Casca’s fundraise strategy and how I look at venture capital."



I accredit the successful fundraising of LIVEKINDLY Media, Inc. to Brooke Harley. Honestly I cannot recommend this course more for anyone looking to get their startup funded – I know I’ll be taking a refresher in the new year."



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