New York, New York – Full-time.

On Class Rebel

Based in New York, Class Rebel exists to breakdown educational class barriers by offering highly affordable and highly relevant, live & livestream courses taught by aspirational industry experts.

Think of your favorite podcast guests, authors and founders, brought to life in an 8-hour class that you can attend in person or via highly quality streaming from anywhere in the world, to learn about the technical subject matter they are experts in, as well as about their personal struggles and successes in achieving what they have.

Mixing insta-worthy, aspirational tavern/salon-style space instead of classrooms (think “The Wing’ or Soho House), with unlimited scalability from global participation (think ‘Peloton’), Class Rebel moves quickly on relevant subject matter people are hungry to learn – starting with Side Hustle and Wealth streams, and extending into Health, Relationships, and Global Affairs streams over time.

Role Description & Requirements

Class Rebel’s VP Education will be responsible for:

  • All instructor recruitment, training & relationship management
  • Product Roadmap - All mini course and full course development & maintenance
  • Working cross-functionally with Class Rebel’s heads of Creative, Marketing & Engineering
  • Reporting to the CEO
Year 1 Milestones Include:
  • Recruiting 65+ Instructors
  • Hiring contract course writers
  • Creating 20 Courses
  • Creating 45 Mini-Courses
  • Developing our Instructor Onboarding
Candidates will ideally have:
  • 15+ years in journalism, law, complex content creation or education
  • Experience in complex course/content development
  • Experience teaching
  • Experience in recruitment & instructor training
  • Experience leading and delivering work through teams

Apply Now

We are building a unique experience that we truly believe will make a positive and lasting impact on people’s lives around the world! We would love to hear from you!

Please send a short note about yourself and your CV to CEO & Founder, Brooke Harley at brooke@classrebel.com